Easter in Sweden – Kayaking

Tomorrow it’s time. The winter is almost gone, and the days are longer now. My kayak is packed with food, maps, tent, stove and lots of warm clothes. All set to paddle into this years first adventure with two friends. We will heading up to Ă…snen in Sweden and will spend four days paddeling and camping. Can’t wait🙂Read more

Kayaking in winter waters

Over the past 9 month kayaking has shown me the most beautiful scenaries i’ve seen for years. It has also given me time to think, time to be right here right now, in the present – no distractions. It has given me passion, expanded my ideas about how life can also be, and inspired me to dream about adventures. Paddeling my kayak has triggered me to begin, get started, get out. There are some people that have inspired me, and one guyRead more

Me and my kayak

  This summer I ‘ve done what I have dreamed doing for many years. I bought a kayak, actually one and a half. It all started when my friend Jacob and I talked about we would love to try this out and we decided to share the investment in the boat. We soon discovered, that this would be something where we found a lot of joy. On top of the privilige we of living very close to Ă–resund, we soonRead more