Paperwhite in my pocket


No, it’s not 3G and it’s not capable of playing audio. But it’s Paperwhite and backlit, and it does amazing things for reading e-books. After five days with my new Kindle I really appreciate those features. I have had the original Kindle touch for one year or so, but to be honest I found it slow, full of features I did not use, so I ended up reading on either the Kindle Touch or my iPad. It just turned out that way, but that has for sure changed now.

I like a device that is as appliance like as a toaster, and I think Amazon has done just that with the new Paperwhite model. Only one button and one usb plug. All other features are where they belong – in a simple touch interface build on sophisticated software. Amazon claims 8 weeks of battery life when you are using the backlit feature and read about half an hour a day. I don’t know if it’s that much. But it’s a lot – and it’s enough.

So yes, the Paperwhite does for my reading what a toaster does for my bread in the morning – when I have the time to eat breakfast. It’s fast, simple, reliable – and cool.

I love it

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