Why I’m a few clicks away from deleting my @LinkedIn account

Ever since Linked went public the pattern of development has been identical. With each new ‘upgrade’ of the mobile apps (and there has been way too many) the sure thing that happened was that I’ve was limited with access to my network, or options to expand it.

I understand the need for LinkedIn to make money. But is there no limits for you guys? You pump my mailbox with special offers on upgrades for a paid Premium account with a discount. At the same time you limit my access to my network, the network I’ve build on you platform, with my business relationships, companies and other data that you have used for years to expand your platform, business and brand. All this information you have a right to use, and i’m okey with that to a point. But as it is now, I don’t even read the spam mails anymore. I simply delete them.

Some time ago I received one of those mails where you appreciated that I was among the first million users of your systems. This is how you say thank you or was it a “Thank you for the money we made when we went public” ?

The only impact you have on my with this way of operating is, that you force me to abandon ship, quit, look for something else or just drop the whole idea of having a social media bound professional network.

It’s close.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m a few clicks away from deleting my @LinkedIn account

  1. Hi! What do you mean when you say that LinkedIn is limiting your access to the network that you created?
    Is there any 1st degree connection you can’t contact?

  2. They other day I had a business lunch with a person, i’ve never met before. After the lunch I wanted to add her to my LinkedIn network, but I could not. Even though she was 2nd to me, I had to foo all kinds of Introduction, be premium or what ever. I think such limitations is degrading my use of LinkedIn. They are currently pull all potential revenue streams to an extent where it’s a hassle to be on the platform as a free subscriber. Some times I have a Premium subscription, but that has been for a specific purpose e.i. looking for a new job or what ever.

    It’s fair limitations to ask for payment if you are interested in knowing the full list of people who looked at you, but I just think that the request for money is all over the place. For example I got a LinkedIn notification yesterday about something (i honestly do not remember what it was) and when I selected it on my phone I was presented with a “Upgrade to know more”. That’s really annoying from my perspective.

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