Me and my kayak

Breaks are nice
My Kayak


This summer I ‘ve done what I have dreamed doing for many years. I bought a kayak, actually one and a half. It all started when my friend Jacob and I talked about we would love to try this out and we decided to share the investment in the boat. We soon discovered, that this would be something where we found a lot of joy. On top of the privilige we of living very close to Öresund, we soon realised the joy of being on the water, discovering our hood from the sea.

After a few weeks it became clear that one key thing, was that we enjoyed to be on the water together. So, another kayak was ordered, and we have two boats. We can get on the water when we want, alone or together, take our own pace, practice and learning.

I spend a lot of time researching for my kayak. I ended up ordering a Hasle Excursion 520 from Norway. It was with some tension it arrived, because even though I have tried some different boats, I had not tried anything from Hasle. Knowing there are a lot of difference between brands and designs, I ended up in deciding by thinking about what I want to do with in the longer perspective. Establishing the fact that I am a beginner and I want to go on longer trips with the kayak, my tent and my Trangia, I ended up with the Hasle. And I love it. I’ve been back in some the other kayaks after getting used to the new one, and I have no regret’s what so ever. It feels good, I can go in a lot of wind with a nice degree of control and it has pretty good space for goods under the deck.

From here, it is only to plan and realise some dreams. I am in a hurry to improve my skills and get gear so I can be on the water when winter arrives. That requires a a lot of training and a dry suit.

In all the excitement there are also the discovery of some very nice twitter friends with shared interests. People like, @flipandtell and @many – thank’s for tips, talk’s and plans 🙂

Next weekend it’s time to having some training. I look forward to that, learning, removing some of those zero-days and get out in nature with my boat with better skills and better prepared for kayak adventures 🙂

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