Kayaking in winter waters


Over the past 9 month kayaking has shown me the most beautiful scenaries i’ve seen for years. It has also given me time to think, time to be right here right now, in the present – no distractions. It has given me passion, expanded my ideas about how life can also be, and inspired me to dream about adventures. Paddeling my kayak has triggered me to begin, get started, get out. There are some people that have inspired me, and one guy in particular, continues to do so – more about him in a minute.

Last year, this time, was a mess in many ways. It lost my job and began to fear the age-trap. Later that winter a person I cared deeply about gave me the middle finger and terminated our friendship in th most fucked-up way I have ever seen. Other good things happened to balance this, but it was something I thought a lot about the past nine month, or so. Life moves on, there are worse things in the world. In the larger perspective, the friendship is now just a blip of insignificance which I will only remember for the way it ended.

Back to kayaking. It is becoming a popular sport and there are many good reasons for this. If you ever dreamed about being close to the water and travelling expedition style, sea kayaking if most definitely an excellent option. There are few requirements besides from not suffering from fear of water, and being a reasonable swimmer. In most danish kayaking clubs there are training, education, club kayaks and, most important, many passionate people with good experience and knowledge you can take advantage of. Part of the attraction to me is also that sea kayaking is not a innocent and risk free activity.

The ocean can be such an unforgiving play-mate.

However, if you want to learn, rescue your self and other, are not afraid of a dip in the water now and then, just get on with it. If you are attracted to it, you will soon find out. Maybe you are satisfied by a nice paddle in flat waters on a nice summer day, maybe you – like me – begin to think about the adventures you can actually do with your kayak if you improve you skills, learn from others and practice. I enjoy to paddle in the winter waters. It is such great training, and with the right clothing, it’s basically only the short days which restricts you. Three layers of clothe and a drysuit will take you a long way.

Johanna in the tent

During summer I came across Erik B. Jørgensen, ex danish special forces, Sirius Greenland patrol but more than that he is an adventurer in the words best manner. Erik has paddled round Denmark in the strongest winter we had for 28 years, he has paddled all the way around Scandinavia, some 6.500 km, and spend 45 days in the wild with his daughter and their dog, in a canoe. Erik’s slogan is that the adventure begins in your back yard. This slogan has inculcated in me and plans are being bade for spring, summer and falle. Me and my 7 year old daughter, Johanna, are sleeping in the tent during the winter (a day here and there) in order to prepare her and build a comfort zone, when we go canoeing 8-10 in Sweden late spring next year, only her and me.

I’m sure this is just the beginning and I really like that fact.


2 thoughts on “Kayaking in winter waters

  1. It sounds like you and Johanna are in for a wonderful adventure in spring of next year! I’ve Kayaked – but never in the ocean, and I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to give it a go. It seems, open and unknown and riskier…

    Lovely picture!


    1. Dear Ml,

      Yes, it’s going to be a great adventure. After some testing of Johanna’s stamina on the project, she is even more on 🙂
      You should give it a go. There are so many wonderful experiences out there – every day (almost) 🙂


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