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For some years, six to be more exact, I have been trying to learn about the craft of photography. To me it all started out as a fascination of the technology in digital photography. I have (as many men?) spend way too much cash on cameras, lenses, filters and software. I am also one of those who discovered that it did not help me much that I acquired a better camera and more expensive glass. I have realised that there are no shout-cuts I can buy in order to be a better photographer.

To me, it is all about having an idea of what I want to create. Then it’s all about mastering my camera, being aware of the powers light and to work with composition.

Being there, there are millions of interesting path’s to follow. They are about working with my subjects, trying to tell stories and – form a technical point of view – maybe try to re-visit the process of creating photographs from film.

To see some of my work you could visit flickr




One of those lovely days on my favourite museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

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